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Last updated on July 15, 2015.
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I look forward to enjoying more Compact Discoveries programs on the net. They certainly live up to their name!
— Tony Clayden, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England
I enjoy your laid-back, personal approach to some truly beautiful music.
— Robert Mather, East Millinocket, Maine

I always find your show to be one of the best on radio!
— Aron Levy, Woburn, Massachusetts

Thanks so much for exposing your listeners to worthwhile music that is not well-known.
— Anne Bodin, Ashland, Oregon

I am so glad I found your website. You have made my life a little bit easier by your selected pieces of music. So lovely selections. You have introduced so many, for me, new  composers and new music. I really relax by listening to your music.

— JanΕke Upman, Linkoping, Sweden

What I like about Compact Discoveries is the information that Fred Flaxman provides with each selection. I'm informed while being pleased.  I've never been disappointed by any of his programs.
— Breonna Mason, Minneapolis, Minessota

I have a fierce interest in the promulgation of classical music for future audiences, a diminishing breed.  That's why I'm so excited to find your programs on line.  You do a wonderful service.
— Jack Brin, Windsor, Connecticut

This evening, I learned about Gottschalk for the first time. I attempted to take mental notes about his history as I drove home... falling madly enamored with "Creole Eyes" and enjoying that particular program so profoundly that I had to locate your website to hear it again! I also enjoyed learning about his history with Jewish heritage — how intriguing! ... THANK YOU for sharing this AMAZING rendition by Phillip Martin — what a compositional treasure! I'm officially hooked.
— Nathalie J. Klein, New Haven, Connecticut

I am writing to express my appreciation for the wonderful programs that you put together. I listen to them through 98.7 DZFE FM here in Manila, Philippines, and they never fail to bring delight even during the most tiring of days. Keep up the wonderful work and let music inspire us all to be better people.
— Mico Manalo, Manila, Philippines

Thank you for expanding my music literacy through your selections, the interesting information and your friendly voice. Your program is simply amazing!!! I get to listen to it over DZFE and it brightens up Saturdays. I remember the programs about your dog Buster, and also the Gershwin pieces. I just heard the Scottish music over traffic this morning and it seemed the cars were all trotting to the drumbeat. Every episode is full of heart.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world.
— Joyleen, Manila, Philippines

A master impresario, Fred Flaxman is the cleverest, most friendly host you could hope for.
— James Reiss, Oxford, Ohio

I am an unconditional listener of your program, love it, and enjoy it. I spend a lot of time, working on my computer, it is not only the joy of the excellent music of your selection, but the things that I learn from it. Thank you so much.
— Francisco Becerra, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

I love your music choices and your easy going style. I'm a Compact Discoveries addict for a long time.
— Nasser Beshayer, Kuwait

I just discovered Compact Discoveries and I am a new fan and an avid follower!! The concept is unique and every program is very well-thought out. The depth of the programming mirrors a depth of music appreciation. Simply amazing! I hope more people can hear these programs so that they would experience the deep passion in music you are sharing in each masterpiece of a program you create. Even this website is very informative and cool! If that's not real passion in music, then, what is?
— Yandrell Pascua Gargantilla, Manila, Philippines

Compact Discoveries is one of the best programs on public radio. I am grateful to Fred Flaxman for changing my husband's mind about classical music. He enjoys listening to Compact Discoveries. Fred makes the music accessible and understandable to everyone.
— Carol Reitz, Boynton Beach, Florida

I am just fascinated by the amazingly good work you have been doing. For some time I was pleasantly surprised in occasional broadcasting of your programs in a local Radio Station. Now I was delighted to find that you are in SkyFM air through the internet... I really appreciate and thank God and you for the variety and richness and just beautiful programs you offer.
— Fr Julio Penacoba, Manila, Philippines

Yesterday I tuned for the first time to Compact Discoveries, and it certainly was a discovery. I spend many hours working on a PC, and I'm used to listening to classical music. Thank you so much, and please keep doing what you do SO WELL.
— Maria Eugenia de la Vega, Mexico City, Mexico

Accidentally discovered your Compact Discoveries - what nice music I can hear during my evenings by a computer. Now I'm listening one hour a day, spending more evenings with you and your music.  Thanks a lot for your effort. If only there will be more hours for hearing!
— Igor Pokorny, Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic

Tour Guide Flaxman has charmed us again.  Such melodious listening on his "Around the World in 60 Minutes," never with the expected hackneyed tunes, but with fresh interesting choices that capture the flavor and characteristics of each country we visited. Delightful ! ! ! ! ! 
— Peg Rhodes, Asheville, North Carolina

I am the Music Therapist at the Wealshire and the Ponds and I find your programs a huge inspiration.  While Music Therapy training includes 4 semesters of Music History, because I was not a "classical music" fan while growing up, I don't have a huge knowledge of the great pieces out there.  Thank you so much for compiling such interesting thematic programs to give me a starting point for my monthly Classical Composers Club meetings.  Without you, I would surely be reduced to simply discussing the biographies and most famous pieces of the most famous composers.  You've given me such greater scope.  I'm truly grateful!
— Patricia Little, Lincolnshire, Illionis

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed today's program on introducing classical music to teenagers while trying to remain sane.  Your selections were excellent (particularly liked Bernstein's "Candide" overture, one of my personal favorites) and your commentary rang all too true. I'm retired now and speak from experience:  your advice to treat my teenager like the family cat is absolutely on target!
— Molly Leban, Lake Worth, Florida

My husband and I just finished listening to your presentation of Touzet's piano music. You did such a classy, elegant, interesting and wonderful presentation! ... You have a great voice and delivery and made Touzet and his music come alive.
— Maria Letona, Miami, Florida

Just listened to your program here in Concord, N.H., on WCNH and was delighted to hear the great music and the recognition that Leroy Anderson is finally getting.
— Bill Twibill, Concord, New Hampshire

Fred Flaxman makes a good companion for the pleasures of classical music. He's knowledgeable with a light touch. I really enjoy the music and the info delivered with it...
— Marjorie Van Halteren, Morbecque, France

Compact Discoveries entertains, amuses and captivates--while at the same time giving listeners a lot to think about... Some people remain committed to the past, others want to break new ground and establish new ways to think about music and its connection to the human spirit. Compact Discoveries will ultimately reach the audiences that so deserve to hear it. Once they do, they'll be hooked.
— David Levin, Managing Director, Chicago Jazz Ensemble, Columbia College Chicago; Former Vice President, WFMT Radio Networks, Chicago

I have been listening to your Compact Discoveries now for about seven months here in College Station, Tex.  and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the selections you have shared with us listeners.  I receive  your show on KAMU-FM  here and hope that we can continue to receive your show in the future. ...I particularly enjoyed you recent show on the Leroy Anderson music.
— Steve Stephenson, M.D., College Station, Texas

I just heard your program Compact Discoveries this evening on KWAX, from Eugene, Oregon, about Leroy Anderson. I found the program very interesting and hope I can remember to tune in to it more often. ... Thank you for enhancing my appreciation of the many ways music can be presented.
— Marguerite Moore, Keizer, Oregon

Russian music for wintertime is lovingly presented by Fred Flaxman in this hour of Compact Discoveries. A great musical hour for the gradually shortening nights as winter progresses.... Fred's hosting of the music is top drawer...
— Michael Johnson, San Francisco, California

Bravo! ... I would like stations playing more of these kinds of well-presented musical tributes... I hope that Mr. Flaxman is encouraged to keep up his good work with these productions and that his work can be heard on stations coast to coast!
— Stephen L. Gilbreath, Birmingham, Alabama

Though his mild voice and manner I find soothing, it's his choice of musical numbers -- from Brazilian to Russian to worlds in between -- that brings me a particular satisfaction. His commentaries invariably add to my enjoyment...
— Peter Bradley, Descanso, California

...I rarely listen in the evening and just happened upon your program ... You may have made a convert. And thanks for the fun.
— Martha Ann Boyd, Gainesville, Florida

Oh, Fred. What have you done. I have been hugely enjoying the CD series of yours on KWAX-FM out of Eugene ... However, I may never be able to consider Carmina Burana in the same way ever again. Yes -- I heard the music for backrubs program.
— Jan Barkley, Eugene, Oregon

YOU HAVE THE BEST PROGRAM on WXEL! Yes, you do! You know something about what you're talking about -- and can even pronounce the names of the performers. How Rare! THANKS. And, PLEASE stay on the air!
— Lou Stuart, Boca Raton, Florida

Your giving us Leroy Anderson's greatest hits brought me much joy... The Blue Tango -- wow! Couldn't turn off car radio; let my dog out by himself to run on the beach. The Bell of the Ball wonderful too! Thank you so much!
— Kay Ryan Biondo, Waldport, Oregon

This is to let you know how much I enjoy your program and how impressed I am with its content. It comes as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise predictable and redundant recycling of music from the past.. Your thematic ideas are unique, original and hosted with intelligence and scholarliness. Stay with it. Your program is the best musical event of the season. Many thanks.
— Hannah Weinberg, Boynton Beach, Florida

I caught your delightful program for the first time here in Eugene, Oregon on KWAX on April 21st 2004. I was enchanted by your opening and very amusing soliloquy about "dishwashing" and the music you could use for this activity. My question (or request) is MAY I GET A COPY OF YOUR OPENING WORDS ABOUT DISHWASHING??? My husband was in the hospital at the time and didn't hear it. I want him to hear it too!
— Susanne Fountain, Eugene, Oregon

I have been listening to your program for many weeks, I rush back from golf so that I can rest and listen to your surprises. It is such a pleasure to be able to turn off TV and just listen. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
— Miki Bragman, Boca Raton, Florida

Caught your program quite by trial and error on WXEL FM, West Palm Beach, Fla., last week. I LOVE IT! . Your choices were like a breath of fresh air. .I hope you'll be on more frequently.
— Tina Koenigsberg, North Palm Beach, Florida

You have one of the best programs on NPR here in south Florida; enjoy the commentary most. A few weeks ago you played several CDs of guitar music by a South American, they were marvelous and I would love to get them. Could you please help with his name and the company that issues them? Thanks mucho.
— Jed Schoen, Boca Raton, Florida

I heard part of today's program Compact Discoveries (which featured Leroy Anderson) and I loved it.
— Cesar Medina, Boca Raton, Florida

Thanks for the great program on WXEL, FM highlighting Villa-Lobos. I've been a fan of his music for a long time and it was exciting to hear some of the music that I don't have on disc.
— Sara Parente, West Palm Beach, Florida

I hope to become a regular listener of Compact Discoveries on WXEL. I have also discovered your website, which appears to have considerable interesting information.
— William Bode, Boca Raton, Florida

Am really enjoying the Compact Discoveries programs.. Your research, commentary and pronunciation of difficult foreign language titles are wonderful. I particularly like the humorous vein in which it is presented. This series is destined for greatness!
— Sandra Rose, Stuart, Florida

Compact Discoveries with Fred Flaxman presents classical music in a fresh and engaging way. I especially enjoy the programs that introduce music of lesser known composers, and I loved the recent "Music for Backrubs"!
— Janet Shine, Boca Raton, Florida

What a great musical pleasure it was for me to listen to your March 3rd Compact Discoveries program highlighting Schubert's chamber music. You have distinguished WXEL in the field of classical music by your willingness to explain to your listeners the meaning of such important musical terms as "arpeggione." Thank you for giving me and your other listeners these rare moments of musical appreciation and enjoyment. P.S. This program is but one example of your ability to bring classical music to young people. Congratulations!
— Katherine Kraft, West Palm Beach, Florida

While driving in the Palm Beach area in late December, I listened to your radio program about the use of classical music in old radio shows, such as The Shadow and The Lone Ranger. Thank you for a fascinating radio program.
— Jack Henry, New York City, New York

I truly enjoy listening to your program, Compact Discoveries. In the program guide you state, "a light approach to serious music." At first I was wary; frequently "light approaches" tend to oversimplify.. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Besides enjoying the music, I learn something new.. Thank you for hours of joyful listening.
— Abby G. Frank, Boynton Beach, Florida

Your program is just wonderful!
— Sylvia Shapiro, Royal Palm Beach, Florida

"I am sorry it has taken me so long to tell you how much I enjoyed your program on Louis Moreau Gottschalk. He's been a favorite of my husband and mine for many years. I love your program. Keep up the good work! Thank you.
— Hannah Meyrich, West Palm Beach, Florida

Compact Discoveries is informative, entertaining, and highly personal.
— Mαrcio Bezerra, piano faculty, Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, Florida

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