What Broadcasters Have Written About
Compact Discoveries 

“We’re extremely pleased to have Compact Discoveries airing on SKY.FM Radio. Our listeners value uniquely curated content and Compact Discoveries delivers on those expectations in a most delightful and refreshing manner."
-- Ari Shohat, Founder and CEO, Digitally Imported, SKY.FM Radio

"Having listened to several programs, I find Fred Flaxman to be very well informed and his presentation most inspiring and informational as well. I would recommend these programs to any public radio station, knowing that their audiences would receive them well and be appreciative for the station making them available."
-- Don Quayle, former president of National Public Radio, Washington, D.C.

"We think your personal, accessible approach to classical music will not only appeal to existing audiences, but will also help attract new and younger listeners to classical music radio stations."
-- Steve Robinson, VP, WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network, Chicago, Illionis

"Compact Discoveries is a great show. With engaging anecdotes and an appeal to a common love of melody, Fred Flaxman disarms listeners completely. Even the most fearful newcomer to classical music will find himself game for further exploration after spending time with this series."
Tiffany Liong, Station Manager, DZFE-FM, Manila, Philippines

"If there is any hope of interesting more radio listeners in classical music, it will be because of programs like Compact Discoveries. The host, Fred Flaxman, makes this music accessible, fascinating and fun. Program directors across the country owe it to their listeners to add this terrific, imaginative, creative series to their schedules."

-- Jerry Carr, former President/CEO, WXEL-TV-DT-FM, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Compact Discoveries is a gem. The program provides such a nice balance between the music itself and the context in which it was composed and performed. I'm very glad to have it in our lineup!
-- Wally Bowen, Executive Director, WPVM 103.5 FM, Asheville, North Carolina

"Compact Discoveries is a delightful one-hour exploration of the many musical gems now available on CD.  Fred Flaxman presents his discoveries with enthusiasm, grace and charm. We are so pleased that we have added it to our schedule."
-- Caitriona Bolster, music director, KWAX-FM, Eugene, Oregon

"Compact Discoveries is just a simple delight.  A fun and informed adventure through the CD world and filled with real discovery. A great way to spend an hour."
-- William Beckett, former PD, WUFT-FM/WJUF-FM, Gainesville, Fla.

"Compact Discoveries is a great program. It's unique. No other program like it is available. I love the themes, the research, the music, the presentation."
--Mark Reynolds, program director, KAWC Radio, Yuma, Arizona

"Compact Discoveries does just what the title suggests: it helps the radio listener discover obscure or off-the-beaten track recordings that surprise with their beauty and quality. I am very happy to carry Compact Discoveries as part of WRTU's weekly programming."
--Carlos Camuñas, program director, WRTU-FM, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"We use the series on our college radio station and are honored to have it.  Fred's programming brings great music to our audience in an entertaining and accessible way, and helps us further our educational mission as well."
-- Teresa Keller, Ph.D., chairperson, Dept. of Mass Communications, Emory & Henry College, Emory, Virginia

"I look forward to receiving your programs. They are a unique addition to our education programming on a radio station operated by a public school district."
-- Ken Huske, former program director, WEPS, Elgin, Illinois

"We have been with you from the beginning. I hope you continue producing a great program."
 -- Rick Howard, program director, KAMU-FM, College Station, Texas

"We here at the station and our listening audience enjoy your program and would like to continue to hear your high quality program in the future."
--Shannon Hearn, operations manager, KENW/KMTH-FM, Portales, N. M.

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